Outdoor Ceremonies

We are very excited to have the opportunity, and the land, to keep improving and adding features into our gardens. We now have 2 gardens and a small chapel to host your wedding ceremony.

Our Original Garden

Available in 2 options.

Getting married at the gazebo -

As our brides walks down the aisle, she passes through a set of French doors, before she is reveled to her guests.  She walks through our cedar stained pergola, down the 108 foot aisle to our cedar stained gazebo.  The guests will be sitting on white wooden wedding chairs on each side of the aisle.  Guests would be facing a beautiful wooded area.

Getting married under the perogola -

Our bride starts under the gazebo, walks down the aisle  to the pergola.  The guest's chairs would be set in a semi-circle around the wedding party.  The backdrop would be a set of white French doors with leaded glass windows on each side.

Our Rose Garden

We are excited to be adding a privacy fence and grand entrance to our rose garden in the spring of 2017.


Our bride walks down the aisle that is composed of personalized bricks of the names and dates of all of the couples that have wed in our gardens,  The center of our rose garden is home to our copper roofed Pavilion.  This garden was created so all of the chairs could be set in a circle, or semi circle around the wedding party.  In the center of the pavilion is home to a huge crystal chandelier.   After being pronounced as husband and wife, the couple has the opportunity to ring the wedding bell that sits in a cupola on top of the pavilion.

Our Carriage House

Our Carriage House is home to two rooms.  The first is our Groom's room, the second room is our chapel.  Our chapel has original church pews from a church in Waupaca, and is perfect for a small ceremony.

What is included:


~ Up to two hours of rehearsal time


~ Choice of 2 gardens to host your ceremony


~ Bride's room with private bath and patio area


~ Groom's room


~ Bathroom facilities for your guests


~ "Congratulations" along with your names on our marquee


~ 150 plus chairs set up and torn down by our staff


~ Small chapel that can accommodate up to 50 guests


~ Sound system for your use


~ You may bring in snacks for your guests after the ceremony


**A personalized brick, including the bride's name, groom's name and wedding date will be added to the aisle in our Rose Garden.


We only host one ceremony per day.



2019 & 2020 Pricing:


Friday - $650


Saturday - $750


Sunday - $650 **except holiday weekends


Please note:

A Deposit of $150 (non-refundable) is required to hold any date.


Our gardens are available any day of the week.

Please contact us for weekday pricing.

162203 County Road C • Mosinee, WI 54455

Flowers of the Field by Sandy Obremski
by Sandy Obremski Flowers of the Field
by Sandy Obremski Flowers of the Field
by Sandy Obremski Flowers of the Field
by Sandy Obremski Flowers of the Field
by Sandy Obremski Flowers of the Field
by Sandy Obremski Flowers of the Field